New Year, New Me

What about new you?

Hi/Buna/Hallo/Bonjour/Hola/Ciao/ Ola/Namaste/Ni Hau – though I doubt I will see any Mandarin visitors (if you are around, please wave your hand). Welcome to No Scars No Story and congratulations, you made it through 2016!

Join me in this journey of discovery of inner self, which will take shape on social media (of course, how else – it’s 2016!). This piece of art (that’s right – I went there) has a mind of itself with goals set up for the New Year. I thought It would be more achievable to pass my New Year’s Resolutions to a blog, a term attested from 1994 (though not in the sense of ‘online journal’ but as a web – log), but I am beating around the bush. No Scars No Story is ‘any hypothetical person’ and its purpose is to bring a little (colorful) light into who might be of interest, to share stories and headlines, words of wisdom (of others – obviously), to bore you with my reflections on a Saturday afternoon and to challenge you to work out, not your body (you are on your own on that) but your other muscle – the brain (held by your head – the top part of your body which has your eyes, mouth & brain in it).

If you still don’t think I have a dissociative identity disorder, I invite you to board this ship (which here means ‘follow’) with the destination ‘openland’, because I am opening up for all to see, taking risks and challenges, you get it?

Hope to see you all here and remember, patience is a virtue, so bear with me.




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