What if unicorns are real? …or in other words Hawaii

If you don’t want to deal with all the reality of a formal – conventional wedding, to see the faces of your judgmental high school colleagues that you haven’t seen for at least 5 years, to hear your mother weeping of joy or sadness (depends on who you are marrying) and your father..well, you don’t see your father anyways because he has been out of the picture for so long that it almost seems inappropriate to invite him to your wedding (not to mention walking you up to the altar, but that’s another story), then what do you do? You elope, of course. You don’t want to give anyone the ‘opportunity’ to talk you out of it.

If you do elope, you want to do it in big style so when your friends and colleagues ask you ‘how did you get married?’, after hearing your answer, they all go ‘Awww…how romantic’ ..so you are right, you choose Hawaii. When I was a child, I thought Hawaii was this mythical space, something like unicorns. To me it was like Mars or Jupiter – I heard of it, knew it was somewhere but never seen it or met anyone who experienced it or had any idea where it is. Yes, I was born in communism, do you think North Koreans know about Hawaii? Or New York? What am I talking about…Communist Romania was nothing like North Korea.

However, I grew up and took geography classes where I learned that this mythical space actually exists. Imagine that you find out tomorrow that unicorns are a real deal. How would you feel?

Mind-blowing, right?

A tip – if your husband thinks that eloping in Las Vegas instead is a good idea, say Elvis Presley is not your thing. Just do not do it. You will never get that ‘Awww..’going from anyone.

I wont bore you any further and I will disclose that yes, I did go to Hawaii and that’s the entire purpose of this piece – to show you pictures. You are welcome.

We took this trip about 2 years ago so if I don’t recall the details quite accurately, you will forgive me. The flight was about 24 hrs. long with 2 layovers – Dublin – London, London – San Francisco, San Francisco – Honolulu. When we arrived in San Francisco, I was almost crying like a baby, I didn’t feel like going anywhere, and I wasn’t the only one. Crying babies in planes, does that ring a bell?

We checked in at Pacific Beach Hotel , and we were given a room with a partial view of the ocean, which we were fairly happy with.

The view from our room


I didn’t have too many expectations from this hotel, considering I booked Hilton and Marriott for the rest of our stay, however I think it was the nicest staff we encountered and the room itself was very welcoming and comfortable. I would definitely go back here. I think we paid approx.  $235 for 3 nights which is not bad for Hawaii. I recommend this hotel 100%.

20140225_014503Pacific Beach Hotel

We booked Hilton for the following 2 nights for about $220 per night and it was extremely disappointing and so not worth it. The staff was inattentive, unresponsive and they wouldn’t even give you some plates and a knife to cut your cake (because the cake was not purchase in the hotel, it was a wedding gift Hilton). I mean..WOW. I work in hospitality and this is the opposite of what you should be doing Hilton.


The room was facing  the hotel’s very own Laguna
(no, the room upgrade wasn’t complimentary)





We rented a car and took a trip to Waimea Valley, one of last partially intact ahupua‘a on Oahu which consists of 1,875 acres and has been a sacred place for more than 700 years of Native Hawaiian history. Hunger Games, Lost, Jurassic Park – are just a few movies that were shot here.

Car rental




USS Arizona

USS Arizona

Pineapple Farm, of course. – ‘when in Rome..’

P1070486 P1070488

Diamond Head – stock up on water, wear a hat and comfortable shoes



Trips around the island

Mike with nuts



The biggest turtles I have ever seen…you are technically forbidden to touch them (I feel naughty)



On the beach..


P1070052 P1070072


The last 3 nights of our trip we spent at Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club, beautiful property with amazing full serviced apartments. Our room was comprised of a fully equipped kitchen , a large, open living room, a king size bedroom, bathroom, a hallway and a beautifully appointed terrace  with chairs and a table, facing the pool. The resort was gorgeous but very quite and uneventful for a young couple.



Mariott Bath tub

The resort has its own Laguna and beach

beach side


The resort has a pool bar – Nai’a Pool Bar – where you can enjoy a cocktail overlooking the water.  There is also a Fia Fia -Polynesian Dinner Show, but we didn’t look into it, I think it was quite expensive.

Mike enjoying

One of the pools


And if this is your wedding… order a rainbow.






Happy eloping!





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